home in Greece: staying sane and surviving through trying times

Heron on the lake by our town.

Does the world really need another home-oriented blog?  Does the world really need to hear yet another spin on frugal living, decor, recipes, and the like?  Those questions kept me from starting this blog for a long time.  But I have never come across another blog – at least in English – that deals with all those lovely topics, while also trying to survive the Greek Economic Crisis from the inside.

I’m Heidi.  30 years old, married, no kids, from USA.  My Greek husband and I live in Greece, and the economic crisis that you hear about on the news has affected our lives deeply and even brutally, but we are determined to survive, thrive, and maybe even inspire others to see the positives when the world seems determined to sink you.

Greece has become just a ‘bad news item’ anymore to most of the world, but for us, it is home and family.  We are preparing for the worst and enjoying the best that each day has to offer.  I hope the content of this blog touches and inspires someone out there in the world.


One thought on “home in Greece: staying sane and surviving through trying times

  1. I have been following the news for the past year re Greece monetary crisis. Here in Canada it is just a news blip on the evening news and an occasional headline in the paper. But I googled to find stories of how it is affecting ordinary Greek families and your blog came up. Your blog entries have really opened my eyes; I had no idea how bad it really is. You sound very courageous….. “preparing for the worst but enjoying the best”. My good wishes to you and your husband as you make your way through this and good wishes for your future. 🙂

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