20 products I can’t live without

I’m writing this post for the party at Between Naps on the Porch. Check it out here!

At first I thought I’d never come up with 20 things, but once I started thinking, they started flowing!  I didn’t take any of these photos myself. All photos from Google Image Search!

1.  Pressure cooker! I use mine at least six times/week.  It saves me a ton of water, electricity, and time (mainly time!).  It seriously changed my life.  There’s a reason it’s the first thing I thought of when writing this list.

2. Swiffer. I Swiffer our entire apartment at least 5 times/week.

3. “Terlikia” – Greek sock-shoes. These are basically heavy knit socks with non-slip stuff on the bottom. They’re native to the part of Greece where we live, and I have no idea what they’re called in English, but I can’t live without them!

4. Aprons. Unfortunately mine aren’t that cute. Because we are so frugal, we try our best to protect our clothes. So I usually wear an apron at home!

5. Soap foamer bottles. I use these at every sink and I love them! I will never go back to regular soap – these have saved us a ton of money. (We are both obsessive handwashers!)

6. Nescafe Instant Decaf coffee. I can’t live without it. I’m addicted to it. And yes, I know it’s decaf and it’s not supposed to be addictive!

7. Mini gas stove. I use this all the time in the kitchen!

8. My clothesline! We don’t have a dryer, so I use this all the time!

9. Grain mill. I love it! I don’t use it every day, but I use it a few times per week.

10. Throw blankets. I have them everywhere. We love them. They are so cozy and pretty.

11. Salt and Pepper Grinders. I use these constantly. I don’t like the pre-ground stuff.

12. Everything Bagel Topping by King Arthur Flour. One of my addictions.  I put it on every bread product you can imagine.  I’d probably stir it into cream cheese and eat it with a spoon.  (Hey, that’s a good idea!)

13. PB2 powdered peanut butter by Bell Plantation. I love this stuff. It’s low in calories and it works great in baking too.  Considering how high calorie peanut butter is, this is a real feat.  You can actually eat this stuff without any guilt at all.

14. Command hooks. I’m a renter with a lot of tile walls. Enough said!

15. Zyliss Garlic press. I use this pretty much every day. (I love garlic!  I buy braids with 25 heads of garlic.)

16. Brita water pitcher. Our city water is fine, but it doesn’t taste that great. Brita solves that.

17. Adapters for plugs. I live in Greece but I have a lot of electronics from the US. If I didn’t have these guys, nothing would work here.

18. Cloth napkins. I only use paper for parties.

19. Sunscreen. I do live in Greece, after all!

20. MAC Stick lip conditioner, clear. I love this stuff. It’s SPF 15, and it works great, and it’s a stick, and no color so it can go under other lipstick.

Well, these are my twenty products! I hope you enjoy them! Linking up to the par-tay 🙂

17 thoughts on “20 products I can’t live without

    • SpiritDeer, I am running low (horror of horrors!) so I will absolutely be searching for recipes soon – I think there may be a few things I will struggle to find here – in particular the dehydrated onion bits, but I could probably dehydrate them in my oven, if I put it on its lowest setting. I’m just afraid I’d have to leave it on for a few days, and the electricity burned wouldn’t be worth it. Having my mom send it to me from the US doesn’t cost me anything hahahaha!!

  1. Great list….Love Brita, a garlic press, and Command hooks…Visiting you for the first time from Between Naps…and so surprised that you’re in Greece as I’m a Greek-American!!

  2. I love Aprons! I make my own also, I noticed I get more done when I put on an apron – its like putting on a suit for work – “it’s time to get down to business…” 🙂

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  4. I quite liked your list, but you nearly lost me with the decaf! It great you are enjoying your time in Greece even with so much bad news. You might want to check out my post on my thoughts about the crisis in Greece.


    • hehe I’m not allowed to have caffeine, it gives me arrhythmia! Trust me, I loooooove coffee, but since I had to stop drinking the ‘real thing’, I make do with that stuff. I love it. I know, it’s totally perverted of me, but I do! I’ll check out your post!

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