this is the celery that never ends…

yes, it goes on and on my friends!

This is a great idea that I came across on a forum and found the instructions here on this great blog, Chickens in the Road.   The basic concept is that when you buy a bunch of celery at the farmers’ market or supermarket, instead of throwing away the end, plant it, because it will give you a brand new bunch of celery!  Theoretically, one should never have to buy celery again.

Well, this may sound like a great frugal idea to many people.  To me, it was more than a frugal idea.  Here in small-city-Greece, celery is only available (ever) at the very largest supermarkets, and then, very, very infrequently.  I looked for it in vain for Thanksgiving and Christmas; all of November, December, and January, I couldn’t find it anywhere!  Celery is just not part of the Greek diet.

Greeks eat something else instead:  wild celery, which has very slender stalks, so that a bunch of it resembles a bunch of herbs.  It’s not “munchable” like celery, and its flavor is much stronger, so it doesn’t work for snacks or in salads.  It’s mostly used in soups.

So for me, beyond the obvious frugal advantages, this represented the best chance for me to have celery when I want it.  So, I did it!

First, I waited and waited until celery suddenly showed up in the supermarket one day.  I bought two bunches and did a little dance of joy (dance not pictured).

I chopped off the ends, and placed them in bowls of water.

Then I sort of forgot about them… they sat on my counter while S got sick with a really nasty flu and I took care of him and tried to lay low and avoid getting sick myself.

When things started looking up, my celery had already started emerging!  So I poked some holes in the bottom of two yogurt containers (we love yogurt!) and filled them with potting soil and celery.  Watered and done!

I think these guys are going to want a lot of water.  I’ll update when they are ready to be used, so we can see how long it takes.  I’m going to be keeping them indoors in front of the window because it’s still freezing at night here.

It’s always fun to do something yourself, isn’t it?

16 thoughts on “this is the celery that never ends…

  1. I live in the USA – in Kansas- right smack in the middle. We have most products readily available but very little sea food- ha. I garden every spring and clear up until it freezes . Produce and vegetables are so much better fresh and tastes a thousand times better from the garden. I too saw the post about the celery and planting it. However it did not work for me the first time. Will try again after seeing your blog!! I will come back to see how it is going– keep us posted!

  2. I love Chickens in the Road too! I bet she would be amazed to see a fan in Greece who has had to wait so long to have success with one of her frugal ideas, lol. I haven’t been to her site in a month or more so I attribute this lesson in frugality to YOU!

  3. What a great idea! I will definitely try it since I love celery. Twice a week a pour into my blender one celery,one carrot and one apple and drink it. It helps me balance my weight. Celery…my lipodialysis hero! Take care.

  4. Heidi, Thanks for checking out my blog at It is really interesting to read a similar perspective on life from a perspective abroad. The world has, sadly strayed away from the DIY mentality and it hasn’t served us well.

    In regard to growing celery, I have heard it said that in addition to watering frequently that celery can be grown indoors year round in a bucket of sand and soil mixed together. It appears as though your experience would tend to confirm that.

    At any rate, thanks for checking out my blog’s humble beginnings. I’ve been browsing your posts, will be following your blog, and I wish you and your husband the best during this trying time in your lives. God bless.

  5. Great tip! I re-grow spring onions so always have a ready supply of the green tops (only part I really use). I will do this come spring.

    Oh and great blog as well. 🙂

    • I prefer the green tops as well… I am going to try that as well! I don’t usually buy green onions because I find that if I buy the whole bunch, I end up throwing half of them away. If I could just cut off the amount I need, when I need it – problem solved! Thanks for the idea!

    • I’ll definitely be trying this one too – I love celery and it is only available in this corner of Crete sporadically. I struggle to grow things outside here, because of high winds a lot of the time, so any veggie growing tips are useful. I’m gradually discovering what will survive in the garden – potatoes are coming up now, and I have some more to plant. Broccoli will regrow if you just cut the head & leave the rest, so I’m pleased with that. Now the weather is better I need to get on with life outside – it has been far too cold & wet to do anything for weeks!

      • thanks for commenting – it reminded me to water the celery! They’re doing very well… however, they’re a very deep green, which I think is because I’m growing them in sunlight (indoors, in front of the window) so I expect they’ll have a stronger flavor. I’ll be sure to report on the flavor when they grow up – for now they are just very ‘leafy’ but still very short. I did NOT know about broccoli – that’s very good to know! I have never tried to grow it before. It’s been very cold here as well… spring can’t come soon enough.

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