church on Sunday – 5

Every Sunday I post a photograph from a church I’ve visited somewhere in Greece.


8 thoughts on “church on Sunday – 5

    • it’s a small church that – as far as I know – only functions on the saint’s day (to whom it’s dedicated). It’s on the road outside the village of Zephyria, on the island of Milos. I was there just about a year ago… funny, it doesn’t seem that long ago!

    • we also went across to Kimolos, and just loved it! Zephyria is pretty far south about 2/3 of the way to the southern coast of Milos, so unless you were headed to the beaches down that way, it’s not likely you’d have come across this church. There’s not much else down there. Zephyria itself is very small, I think only about 150 people live there. It used to be the capital of the island in Medieval times though I think.

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