breadbasket thank you gift


When the temperature dropped to the lowest in 30-odd years, and we were out of town, predictably our water pipes froze. I talked about the joys of living without running water here.

Our next-door neighbors helped us out a great deal, by giving us water whenever we asked.

In appreciation for their kindness in our time of need, as soon as we had water again, I baked them some homemade bread to thank them.


I think homemade bread makes a great gift. Who doesn’t love bread? Home bread making isn’t that common here in Greece anymore, at least not in the city. Most people have forgotten how good it is, I think! It’s also a very frugal thing to make, so you can make a lot of it and really show your thanks.


I made them a classic French baguette, a French baguette with sesame seeds, two large poppy seed rolls, and three hand-milled whole wheat olive breads, one with white sesame, one with black sesame, and one with both.

I hope they enjoy their bread! I enjoyed baking them!


If you missed any of them, you can see all the recipes here:
Classic French Baguette
Poppy Seed Rolls
Olive Bread
Tutorial: how to knead bread dough

13 thoughts on “breadbasket thank you gift

  1. It seems amazing that water pipes freeze in Greece – a country I associate with sunshine, blue skies and high temperatures! Book arrived today (Inside Hitler’s Greece) so will start reading immediately.

  2. Heidi..thank you for stopping by my blog. I just love the celery idea! My great-grandson is coming to Texas next weekend, and we are going to do this together. Let me know how yours tastes when you harvest it! I enjoy all of your posts…the ones about Greece are very interesting. We were in Greece in 2010, and found the country, the food, and the people to be wonderful.

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