the farmers’ market: olives

We buy all our olives from the farmers’ market.  The variety is dizzying but we have our favorites.  Our region is an olive-growing region.   I even have an olive tree on my balcony!

This one is blurry but it’s gives an idea of how many varieties just one of the many olive vendors has on offer!

These are our current favorites!

See more of the Farmers’ Market here.


15 thoughts on “the farmers’ market: olives

  1. It’s good to be here in your blog Heidi! I love Farmers markets back in Greece and well, even here..
    you can find tart shells in the super market in Greece, in which region are you living?

    • Hi Eri! I’m sure you can find them in large supermarkets, but we don’t have any large ones in our town. We live in Komotini which – while it’s nominally a ‘big city,’ really isn’t. I usually make my own tart shells but don’t have mini tart pans (those I can buy here, but I’m too cheap).

  2. An interesting fact that I picked up last year is that Spain is the world’s leading producer of olives and is by a long way the country with the highest number of olive trees (more than three hundred million); it is the world’s leading olive and olive oil producer and exporter and the world’s leading producer of table olives, which explains why cafés and bars are always so generous with a plate of olives to accompany every drink. Of the two million hectares of olive groves in Spain, 92% are dedicated to olive oil production. The average annual production varies due to the cyclical nature of the harvest, but typically runs between 600,000 and 1,000,000 metric tons, less than a quarter of which is exported.

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