how to hold an election

PASOK is the party in power in Greece – the ones with the most members of Parliament, the ones with the Prime Minister and the President.  We are probably going to have national elections (the equivalent to this in the US would be presidential and congressional elections at the same time) in late April or early May (probably because it’s not the official election date, but the politicians have said that they will hold early elections).

George Papandreou, who was the Prime Minister of Greece (he runs PASOK party; they were the party with the most votes; therefore he became Prime Minister) fell out of favor in Europe late last year after he suggested that the people of Greece vote on whether to default or not.  He didn’t have the authority to call for an actual referendum, because prime ministers can’t do that, but suggesting it was enough to get him removed from office and for an unelected banking expert named Loukas Papademos to take over as Prime Minister.

After George left the position of prime minister, he was still the president of the party PASOK.  However, in the run-up to possible national elections in a few weeks, it is time for a new leader of PASOK to emerge, one who can run for prime minister against the other parties.

And that brings us to today:  the PASOK Primaries.  Just like in the US, where a Republican can vote in the Republican Primary, here in Greece PASOK voters can vote in the PASOK primary.

These are the terms:

– you have to pay to vote

– there is only one person on the ballot

Zito i dimokratia!  (Long live democracy!)

3 thoughts on “how to hold an election

  1. Do you mean just members of Pasok, (I guess so) or those who support them in elections but are not party members? How is the fee levied? I’m still horribly ignorant about how the Greek political system works, although we voted in the last local elections here – an interesting experience! A ballot list of one is unsurprising, I guess, though, in the current climate – I should think that for most people that particular job is bottom of their wish list!

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