a note about nutrition

From now on, I’ll be including complete nutritional information on all my recipes.  I will also be adding it to my already-posted recipes over the course of the next little while.   (To see an example, see my most recent recipe.)

I hope this is helpful to those who are looking to achieve a balanced diet.  I am working on this myself.  It’s a work in progress, let me tell you!

If anyone has in mind a recipe I’ve posted for which they would like the nutritional info, post a comment and I’ll do those first.   It may take me some time to get to all the recipes.  Those that have nutritional info posted will be marked with an asterisk on the Recipe Index page.

When I post a recipe from now on, the nutritional information will be located directly below the formal recipe.  I will abridge the micronutrients (selenium, copper, etc.) but if you need a specific value, just ask, as I have all the information and can give it to you at no trouble.  I just don’t want to clutter up the page with too many statistics that most won’t want to see.

And of course, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me!

2 thoughts on “a note about nutrition

    • I do hope it’s helpful. I tend to go through phases where I pay attention to what I eat and others where I don’t, which necessitate that I go back to paying attention… it’s a circle. I always tell myself that this time it will be forever haha. I think by posting the nutrition info, I’ll be putting pressure on myself to keep things as healthy as possible. I have a nutrition software that I bought a few years ago that is absolutely awesome, it’s called FitDay and it was definitely worth the price. I love that it’s not online, it runs at lightning speed so there’s no waiting for things to refresh, and it’s endlessly customizable. The only downside (doesn’t affect me) is that it’s pre-iphone days so there are no apps or anything, but I don’t have a smart phone anyway.

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