the farmers’ market: housewares

I think these must be intended for restaurants… who needs a pot that big?

I don’t need a 3 ft wide pan, but I do like knowing that if I ever do, I can pick one up from the local farmers’ market.

All kinds of small kitchen utensils and gadgets are available.

Dishes of every variety.

Tea sets.

This is a great place for practicing one’s Turkish!

These T-shirts have Turkish stuff written on them; I have no idea what they say!

See more of our farmers’ market here:
Clothes & Shoes

5 thoughts on “the farmers’ market: housewares

  1. As for who would need those big pans… I have three teen boys. I was eyeing those pans and thinking that they would be lovely. My biggest is only an 8 quart and it isn’t always big enough.

    • in the first picture, the little boy looks like he could take a bath in the pot he’s standing next too haha!! I can’t even imagine trying to keep three teen boys satisfied. S drinks around 2 gallons of milk per week, I’m trying to imagine how much milk I’d have to buy if I added 3 teen boys to that….

  2. Love those huge pans! I immediately thought of neighborhood pig roasts and using them to boil corn.

    Though I suppose that the propane deep fryers we use to do it now work ok.. But still.. It’s not wrong to covet pots on the other side of the world, is it?

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