church on Sunday – 10

Merbaka Church, in the village of Agia Triada, in the Argolida region of the Peloponnese

Every Sunday I post a photograph from a church I’ve visited somewhere in Greece.


3 thoughts on “church on Sunday – 10

  1. Beautiful, there are some pretty churches. I like how much variety there is from the big cathedral like buldings to the small village churches to the roadside tiny chapels.

    • Yes. I believe that much of the stone was taken from the temple of Hera (Argive Heraion) but I’m not 100% sure. There are also some very nice reliefs, one ancient sundial, and several ancient inscriptions. It is very common in Greece to find this sort of ‘cannabilism’ by churches of older buildings. The blocks were available and much easier and cheaper to take rather than quarrying new ones! The fact that they used them in the lower courses and along the corners speaks to their superior quality!

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