give me another sign

We already saw some signs I’ve collected on my ramblings around Greece.  Here are some more.  I’ll never get tired of these.

This is the supermarket sign for one of the food markets on the island where S and I lived until last summer.  In addition to selling supermarket stuff, she also serves meals and coffee.  The sign says “Eirini Psaromiligou-Papadopoulou, Coffee-and-everything-else-shop.”

This sign directs you to the chapel of Agios (Saint) Konstantinos on the island of Milos.

“Koula’s Captain Nikolas.”  The name of a restaurant.

This step says “Kimolos,” the name of the island.

“Butcher – Green Grocer ‘Sikinos’, Giannis Lemonis.”  From the island of Sikinos.

“Grazing of animals is forbidden in this area.  Respect the attempt to rehabilitate the environment and the landscape.”  Near the beach of Achivadolimni in Milos.

“My Klima, you are always in my heart.  Your Foteini.”  Klima is the name of the village where this is written; Foteini is a woman’s name.

“Empourios… welcome!  Taverna, 30 m.”  From Milos.

Why would someone have to write that?

Oh… I get it now!

“Coffee and Wine Shop, ‘The Popular’ Kastro – Kimolos.”

The sign directing you to the early Christian Catacombs in Milos.

S’s favorite creperie in Kerkyra (Corfu) where he lived for seven years.

I have no idea what this says, but it’s probably the name of the person who built the fountain that it’s attached to.  It’s written in the graceful Turkish script that Turks used until the early 20th century when Atatürk introduced the Roman alphabet.  The inscription dates to the period of Ottoman occupation of Greece (pre-1821).

Both this sign and the one above it manage to misspell the Greek word for “for sale”, each in a different way.

“Empourios Taverna, next to the sea, homemade food, all with traditional products, family-run and friendly environment…” it goes on but my eyes gave out.

Remember to notice the little things in life!


8 thoughts on “give me another sign

  1. I remember, on my first Greece trip, waking up on an island, looking out of a window and seeing on a teeny tiny store a sign in all caps, goodie, since I didn’t know Greek lower-case letters, so I carefully spelled out Sigma-Upsilon-Pi-Eta-Rho-Alpha-Gamma-Omicron-Rho-Alpha … and realized I was looking at a SUPERMARKET.

    • 😀 Aren’t you glad you learned the upper case? I was actually the opposite. I knew the lower case well for a long time before I could read the upper case comfortably. I actually hated the signs in all caps because it took me five times as long to read them.

  2. Oh, how i would love to have that “Coffee-and-everything-else” sign hanging in my home! And, am I the only one…who WANTS to stand on that roof?!
    Look at that VIEW!

    While the economy is a completely different matter…and I get that.
    You, my dear, with views like that, live in heaven!
    ~ Dana

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