Greek election: the first results

Voting in Greece is straightforward:  you show up to your polling place (that’s S’s above) with your ID, and they hand you a sheaf of papers, one for each party on the ballot in your district; and an envelope.  You go into a booth, choose the paper with your party, and mark the names of the candidates you like – you can only vote for candidates from ONE party; you can also vote for the party without selecting individual candidates.  You put your party’s paper in the envelope and discard the rest of the papers; then you leave the booth and hand in your envelope.  S kept his papers as a souvenir and of course, I have photos of them for you!

Pictured are all the party papers for our area.  None are missing except the blank one because I forgot to include it in this lovely pile on the living room carpet.  The party S voted for is shown also, because we got the paper from someone else!

Now that 8.27% of the votes have been counted, there is a somewhat clear picture of what the ultimate results will look like.  So far we have:

1.  New Democracy – 22.12%

2.  PASOK – 15.14%

3.  Syriza – 14.37%

4.  Independent Greeks – 10.02%

5.  Communist Party – 8.18%

6.  Golden Dawn – 6.77%

7.  Democratic Left – 5.79%

The rest of the parties don’t have the required 3% to enter Parliament; however, they are still significant for electoral reasons:  the higher the percentage of votes for extraparliamentary parties, the smaller the percentage the 1st party needs to form a government.

8.  LAOS – 2.87%

9.  Democratic Alliance – 2.80%

10.  Ecologist Greens – 2.64%

11.  Creativity Again – 1.65%

12.  Action – 1.39%

13.  Antarsya – 1.06%

14.  Social Pact – 0.90%

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