before & after: craft closet


Closet interior, before

When we first saw the apartment, we were impressed.  There were a lot of kitchen cabinets.  There was a pantry.  Yes, in a Greek city apartment, an actual pantry.  And then, in the living room, there was a linen closet.  An unexpected bonus, so nice that I was almost able to get over the state of the linen closet’s drawers.

Inside the drawers, before.

Until I actually opened one of them, that is.  This contact paper clearly was some 1980s Greek housewife’s proud find.  She probably spent several minutes looking at various floral print contact papers before settling on this one, preferring it for its bold use of lavendar, scarlet, and yellow against a white background.  Combined with the fake wood contact paper on the exterior, it’s just like walking into a forest in springtime.

But, it wouldn’t do.  This isn’t the 1980s.  The contact paper had to go.  It fought me every inch of the way.  They really knew what they were doing, those contact paper manufacturers of the 1980s.  The glue was still as sticky as the day Kyria Maria lovingly pressed this paper into her closet drawers.

After a fairly prolonged struggle against stickiness, the result:

Closet drawers, after.

I used the same silver contact paper on the outside of the drawers in the bedroom closet.

And those beautiful spring flowers?

Closet drawer, interior, after.

Cost of this mini-makeover:

€5.95 for the silver contact paper

€2.95 for the white contact paper.  Note:  after this photo was taken, I lined the sides, back, and inside front of the interiors as well.

Total cost: €8.90

Ta da!

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5 thoughts on “before & after: craft closet

    • there was more contact paper… I didn’t take a photo of the stuff in the bedroom closet drawers but it was sort of along the same lines, but slightly more 70s. I guess the Greek housewife was feeling retro….

  1. OH does this look better for work you did. The floral pattern was hideous and your description of the Greek woman picking it out made me laugh. I kept picturing her holding it aloft proudly. Then again, the 80s were a time of legwarmers and poofy hair so what did we expect? I love what you did with this though. The silver is really lovely and it makes me want to build a little linen cabinet in my own closet.

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  3. Gleder meg til å se Emilie/Voe, på nye utgave av topp. Hun gløder på hvert eneste bildet.Jeg lurte på en ting: Hvor er den fine beige korte jumpsuiten fra? Bik bok? Jenny skavlan? Utrolig lekker!Sofia; cogl..btosgano

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